Things You Should Know About CCNA Certification:

The CCNA certification (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is offered by Cisco for intermediate-level IT experts. The exam is held to know the expertise of the professionals to install, arrange and verify networks.

This exam is for those who are experts in the field of IT. With this certificate, you will become an expert in various subjects.

How Much Can You Earn With the CCNA Certificate?

This Cisco CCNA certification is the best option that shows the expertise and information of the IT experts in the field of network organization. If you are CCNA certified, then you can earn almost $80,000 in a year.

Though CCNA certified specialists have information about Cisco adapters and switches, so they are hired by several IT organizations and employers, there are almost 500 organizations that are using Cisco devices. The following are the positions in the field of IT and salaries according to positions:

Position Salary (average US):

• IT care expert – $53,000

• Networking expert – $64,000

• Networking manager – $69,000

• Networking engineer – $85,000

• Senior networking engineer – $116,000

How to Get the CCNA Certificate

The most famous IT certificate is the Cisco CCNA certificate. This certificate has several job opportunities for experts of networking, including entry-stage networking managers. Almost or more than 500 organizations hire IT experts that are CCNA certified.

If you want to gain a CCNA certificate, then you have to attempt the 200-301 exam. There are no basics of this test but Cisco demand that candidates must complete the following works:

  • You should have at least 1-year of practice using and applying Cisco items and explanations.
  • You should have fundamental information about IP addressing.
  • You also must have information about system basics.

If you need to start your career as a CCNA certification, then you have to take a 200-301 CCNA test. The number of questions in this test is not fixed, but usually, the test contains 110 to 120 questions. Cisco also suggests you take 250 hours of experience before taking this CCNA exam.

You can join several online courses for the preparation for this exam. You can also join individual classes in your area in any college that is offering IT-related courses.

Final Verdict:

Finally, we have discussed everything about the CCNA certification. You have to pass this exam to get a CCNA certificate. Further, you need to pay $300 for this exam as there are no basics for this exam, so you need to study a lot from different resources. For exam passing, you also have to spend 250 hours to gain experience.

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